How To Heal A Scar, Naturally

The human body isn't vain – it has a keen interest in survival, so it closes a wound as quickly as possible to prevent bacterial infection. But instead of the usual organised lattice of collagen in normal skin, the body haphazardly lays down collagen to seal a wound as quickly as possible.

The way a scar heals depends on various factors: the size of the original wound, age, health and nutritional status of the person, and level of inflammation present. The type of injury will also affect the resulting scar. A surgical incision with neat borders will obviously heal better and have a better outcome than skin that has been torn open and has uneven edges.

The importance of nutrients

Skin cells turn over quite quickly (10–30 days), but they need the right nutrients to do so perfectly.

Good nutrition ensures the body has everything it needs to heal naturally and reduce scar formation. Avoiding substances that rob your body of nutrients, such as cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, sugar and stress, is necessary for optimum healing.

A diet of nutritious whole foods and plenty of water is essential. The most important nutrients for wound healing are protein (amino acids: arginine, glutamine and glucosamine), Zinc, Vitamins A, C and E. Think a rainbow of fresh organic vegetables, fruit, berries, whole-grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.

Try this product

We are always on the look out for effective but eco-friendly skin care solutions. We love ILOVESKIN. Their Scar Oil is a 100% natural, concentrated formula where every ingredient works to accelerate wound healing and reduce the appearance of scars.

Applying ILOVESKIN Scar Oil topically helps to reduce inflammation, prevent infection, keep the wound nourished and supple, and provide plant based nutrients and phytochemicals to speed up cell regeneration in a uniform manner to help the wound heal with minimal scarring.

Rosehip is the base oil boosted with concentrated CO2 extracts of Calendula, Sea Buckthorn and Carrot, and is further enhanced by potent healing and cell regenerating essential oils: Helichrysum, Neroli, Frankincense, Sage, Vetiver, Lavender and CO2 Rosemary.

Scars take 6 -12 months in adults to mature (1-2 years for children) and this is your window of opportunity to minimise them. Once your scar has matured there’s nothing natural you can do to reduce it. It’s best to start applying Scar Oil as soon as the wound is closed. Apply a couple of drops two to three times a day.

The best approach to healing a scar naturally is to make sure your body is fuelled with nutritious food; that you're hydrated and well rested; avoid foods and substances that rob your body of nutrients; and use ILOVESKIN Scar Oil to accelerate healing and reduce scar formation.

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