How To Be A Conscious Commuter – 5 Best Vegan Commuting Essentials

You live in a city. You try your best to be good to the planet and yet sometimes it feels like you have to make a trade off between classy or sustainable, stylish or practical. At Immaculate Vegan we believe that shouldn't be the case!

So here are our top vegan Conscious Commuter Essentials – all are cruelty-free and sustainable!

1. Rain or Shine

If you are a cyclist, or even if you just have a great taste, the On Good Authority vegan and sustainable raincoat is going to be your best friend! This jacket is made from recycled waste plastics, using a non-toxic water repellent, and it's produced in an ethical factory. Our eCommerce Manager Vai recommends layering it with an organic cotton hoodie and a warm scarf.

2. You Gotta Bag It Up

Your laptop, your keys, your phone, your snacks – your life! It needs a good backpack, and we've got plenty of vegan backpacks here.

However, if you are an eco-conscious city bee, you have to check out BOITA. We love their Limited Edition eco-conscious vegan work bag that can be worn as a backpack for your commute or carried like a briefcase for when you really mean business.

Each vegan backpack recycles 15 plastic bottles, saves 22 balloons of CO2 and filters 234 litres of clean water back to the environment.Immaculate Vegan - Boita Sustainable Green Backpack Briefcase

3. Keep the Change

We all love pockets, and in the city some people love to pick them too. That's why we like keeping our change, card and keys close to us in Watson & Wolfe vegan wallets. Our Co-Founder Simon – who loves practical and stylish accessories – is a big fan of this Watson & Wolfe vegan zip key chain purse.

It's handmade with premium quality vegan leather, of which 50% is made from renewable plant-based oils, and lined with 100% recycled plastic bottles and RFID  blocking.Immaculate Vegan - Zip Card Coin Wallet Chain

4. One of Your Five a Day

City pace can be very demanding and we all try our best to stay healthy – make sure you get your veggies in! But have you ever thought that a humble apple could also start a fashion revolution? Our latest favourite comes from Good Guys Don't Wear Leather.

Annick, the Founder & Editor of Immaculate Vegan, believes that leather is outdated and boring, besides having a horrendous environmental impact – read more here. That's why she absolutely adores these Apple Skin Leather vegan Blaze ankle boots. The leather-like material is made using apple skin and core waste recovered from the food industry.Immaculate Vegan - Good Guys Don't Wear Leather Blaze Apple Leather Ankle Boot

5. Kiss Chapped Lips Goodbye

You are flying through the day, moving between inside and outside, you forget to eat, and hydration seems overrated. But your skin will disagree! So, the least we can do for it is to carry a trustworthy vegan lip balm from Clockface Beauty.Immaculate Vegan - Clockface Beauty Lip Balm Peppermint

Have a look at our exclusive all-vegan Conscious Commuter Edit for more inspiration!

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Cover photo: On Good Authority

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