again&again is a circular fashion brand making wildly comfortable jeans designed to never be thrown out.

Many companies today make “sustainable” jeans that incorporate organic cotton or partially recycled materials, but to Marcus (co-founder and CEO of again&again), those efforts felt like half-measures. Marcus wanted to build a jean that could live on forever...not as housing insulation, but as jeans. So he made it: a jean that is truly circular, eliminating the need for virgin materials, forever.

Made with 100% lyocell fabric, again&again jeans are softer, lighter, and more breathable than cotton. And because of their single fiber construction, they can be turned into brand new jeans.

Every element of again&again jeans’ design is focused on sustainability – from the jeans’ woven patch (rather than leather) to rivet-less design to facilitate upcycling. Once you’re done with your jeans, send them back to again&again to keep the cycle going.

again&again believes clothes only truly make you feel amazing when you love the way they feel and how they represent you. The company is on a mission to inspire everyone to live circularly, starting with more comfortable jeans designed to never be thrown out, but instead upcycled into a new jean and worn again and again (and again).