At Billy Sleeps the focus has always been on guilt free luxury, using the finest materials that do as little damage to the earth, the people, and the animals as possible. Billy Sleeps is mother and daughter team and together they produce sustainable pyjamas and accessories themselves under one roof in Essex countryside, this allows them to ensure the highest product quality and care that goes into each set,

Their products are all made from either organic and OEKO-TEX certified or recycled materials. Organic cotton and bamboo vegan silk are their favourite fabrics, both being breathable, natural, and great for the warm or colder months. Bamboo vegan silk is particularly special: it is antibacterial, hypoallergenic and an eco-friendly material, Also it's a perfect vegan alternative to traditional silk. Their fabric supplier is very transparent about their supply chain, sourcing from small, family run businesses in India and China. 

Enjoy blissful pyjamas, dreamy accessories, lovingly made, and ethically sourced.