UK-based menswear brand Cut & Pin aims to bring a new vision to men's fashion: a wardrobe collection of everyday pieces, designed and made with integrity at their core. A “less is more” philosophy is echoed in all aspects of Cut&Pin and the products the brand creates. Cut&Pin believes in conscious consumption, a sentiment that has helped them create a collection of pieces that transcend trends and gimmicks.

“We believe in stepping away from the treadmill of fads and trends, creating products that are seasonless and offer the versatility of a modern wardrobe. Whether working from home, going to a meeting at the office, attending a lunch date, or just having a beer with your mates, our clothes are designed to work around you.”


Friends Al Baker and Martin Parker both have a background in the fashion industry – in design and marketing – and have witnessed first-hand the impact the industry can have on the planet. They had a desire to fill a gap in the menswear market, and launch a brand that married style with responsible sourcing, creating pieces that will stand the test of time.


Cut&Pin aims to minimise the impact that clothing has on the environment by using deadstock piles (the offcuts that big manufacturers throw away – deadstock is a fabric that never reaches the cutting-room floor, remaining on a warehouse shelf), recycled materials and organic fabric to create their collections.


Choosing the right supply partners, who share their sensibilities, is crucial to the brand. Their supply partners are family-owned businesses that focus on small, exclusive runs - something Cut&Pin is strongly passionate about, as mass production is out of the question. The founders work closely with their suppliers in Mongolia and Portugal. Fabric is often local, and each stage of production, from sourcing to finishing, is meticulously controlled, ensuring the highest standards are maintained.


Choosing organic fabrics, which is a priority for Cut&Pin, also benefits the farmers and their local communities, as it avoids the harsh and toxic substances that are often used in the production of conventionally made fabrics.


The brand often uses organic cotton, a vegan material.

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