Dauntless' founder Paula Maldonado reached out to Camellét's founder Andrea Camacho to see if she was interested in a collaboration. Camellét, a solely leather goods brand, loved the idea of creating a cruelty-free line.

Paula wanted to show her customers that collaborating with a leather brand can create a conversation of responsible partnerships and conscious consumerism. Paula believes that there is an important valuable growth when it comes to smart alliances. They created an irresistible line of bucket bags with a combination of different materials. Something that they wanted to emphasise is their hardworking craftsmen. Each handbag is signed by the craftsman that made it.

Dauntless is a seriously stylish and cruelty-free fashion label with a mission to bring you socially-conscious fashion with a responsible and modern supply chain. They want to change the perception of consumers that a sustainable brand means bad quality and poor design, by creating high-end designs with top quality materials and a well-tailored fit for fashion forward consumers.

They’re known for their gorgeous, high-quality vegan biker jackets; however, their bag collaboration with Camellét is a stunner, too!

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