Expressions NYC is a brand firmly rooted in its vibrant home city of New York – not only are all the collections designed there, each beautiful style is also named after one its streets or avenues

They produce high fashion vegan bags and accessories using modern, minimalist designs. They invest in high-quality materials, using water-soluble vegan leather, which means that most of the polyurethanes they use are less energy intensive, solvent-free, safer to work with and better for the environment.

They’re also experimenting with plant and fruit-based vegan materials; all linings are made of recycled plastic bottles; and all the paper they use, including their hangtags, is made of recycled paper. In terms of production, they use dedicated factories in Asia that offer fair wages and a safe working environment – which Founder Shelly and her husband visit 4-6 times a year to personally supervise.

They are a PETA-approved brand.

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