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The first 100% vegan footwear company in France, Good Guys Don't Wear Leather have won awards from PETA and count celebrities such as actor Emma Watson, musician Bryan Adams and singer Miley Cyrus as their fans.

About the Founder
Artist and animal lover Marion Hanania grew up in Paris, where she studied at the École Duperré under iconic designer Pierre Hardy, before winning a fashion design contest that would lead to her first pair of boots being sold by French clothing company La Redoute.

Marion became a vegetarian and stopped wearing leather in 2006 – this set her on the path towards creating the first vegan shoe brand in France. Today, Marion lives in California with her partner and their three rescued black cats.

“The most important thing for me as a designer is to make a product that will last and that you can wear for years and years without getting tired of it.”

Every material used by Good Guys for their beautiful vegan shoes, boots and trainers is as sustainable as possible. The brand uses mainly microfibre for their vegan leather and suede, but they also offer an ample selection of designs in apple leather, made from apple waste recovered from the food industry. This vegan brand also works with a zero-C02 emissions material made in Italy derived from cereals and vegetable seeds. Some vegan shoe styles also make use of canvas, natural rubber and wood. Good Guys are heading towards all designs being 100% recyclable in 2021.

Working closely with their suppliers, Good Guys visits them frequently and selects collaboration partners based on their care for their employees – good working conditions and fair wages are priority. Suppliers to the brand are artisans rather than factories – often family businesses.

The brand's suppliers in Spain, Portugal, Sweden and Italy are all family-owned small businesses with a long history of shoe-making. Embracing new technology and innovative materials, these suppliers breathe life into Good Guys' designs. One supplier in Spain works exclusively with vegan materials.

Good Guys' vegan shoes are wrapped in recycled fabrics and shipped in heavy-duty FSC-certified recycled boxes.

As a vegan shoe designer, Marion wanted to use the expertise she gained from working for large companies to create the shoe she struggled with finding for herself – vegan, cruelty-free, ethically made, with great design and durable materials. The brand is PETA-Approved Vegan.

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