The Irene Forte Skincare approach is synonymous with the very best that breath-taking Sicily has to offer, distilling the benefits of the Mediterranean diet into sustainable, natural skincare that nourishes the skin from the outside in. 

Each product in the line is created with ingredients grown on Verdura’s Organic Farm in Sicily, allowing access to unrivalled provenance and quality.

The formulations are as delicious as they sound, but it is 35 years of research carried out by Doctor Francesca Ferri that delivers natural remedies in ways that enhance potency whilst minimising the ability to cause unwanted side effects. That is why the ingredients are highly refined and fragrances are allergy-screened. 

Ethics are as important as the products themselves. The brand recognises its responsibility by sourcing and producing everything in Italy, sustaining the local Sicilian community, using vegan ingredients, avoiding ingredients that harm the environment, and by maximising sustainable packaging.

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