Jenah St. is a premium vegan handbag brand, designed in Berlin and made in Italy. They blend traditional Italian know-how with a vision for a cleaner and cruelty-free industry. They won the 2020 PETA Fashion Awards for "Best Accessory Brand" for combining high-quality vegan leather with Italian luxury design to steer the fashion world in a more conscious direction.

Jenah St. stands for the animal-free fashion movement, and quality over quantity. The brand was founded in 2019 by Jena Bautmans after her personal experience in Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Pakistan, witnessing the impact heavy industries have on people and the environment.


Jenah St. use a high-performance man-made vegan nappa leather that is as smooth and resistant as animal leather traditionally used in luxury fashion. It's made from an Ecolabel-certified PU, with high technical performance in regards to resistance and ageing process. The look and feel are soft and porous, resembling real leather, but unlike real leather this is fully waterproof, scratch-resistant and animal-free. It is also extremely robust and durable. Jenah St. doesn't use any PVC plastics in their bags, known to be the most polluting synthetic alternative.

Jenah St.'s Ecolabel-certified vegan leather from Italy uses 5.5 times less water to produce than animal skin, and generates 50% fewer greenhouse gasses emission. The Ecolabel is one of the strictest environment standards in the EU.


Their collections are made right outside of Florence, Italy in the heart of traditional leather craft. Known for quality and exceptional attention to detail, the Made in Italy standards make sure each and every bag produced is flawless. Production and social standards also fall under strict EU regulations.

The producers of their outer leather comply with the strictest European environment standards (Ecolabel & REACH certifications).

As featured in VOGUE and Vanity Fair.