In French L’Envers means the opposite, the reverse. “Faire les choses à l’envers” means doing things in a different way, offering an alternative to fast fashion. This is what L'Envers stands for.

At L’Envers they believe in fewer things made in a better way; in mindful, careful and slow consumption. They believe our planet deserves better. Less waste and less pollution. That’s why they create seasonless pieces, timeless editions which are meant to stand the test of time ,and outlive fast fads and seasonal trends.

Since 2015 all their ethical & sustainable knitwear is knitted in small family workshops in Spain, home of the founder Julie and her family. In this country where fast fashion reigns, they wanted to give a voice to local artisans specialised in sustainable knitwear, who have suffered from the relocation of the textile industry to Asia.

L'Envers creations are intended for those inspired by the stories of artisanal production, of slow and respectful fashion, lovers of beautiful pieces woven and knitted with care, love and patience.


Since L’Envers launched, they've been  committed to perpetuating and defending the know-how of the local knitwear industry. The team visits their artisans often and has strong relationships with each. The proximity of their ateliers is essential in guaranteeing the best working conditions for employees, making sure the company has a limited impact with a local production, and creating high-quality pieces that will accompany you for years to come.

From the sketching of the pattern to the dyeing and gradation, everything is designed exclusively for L’Envers, and every every stitch is developed in collaboration with their workshops.


The raw materials, selected exclusively from French and Spanish spinning mills, are fully respectful of the environment. Their vegan sustainable knitwear collection at Immaculate Vegan is made from organic cotton. Soft and comfortable, this natural material is also hypoallergenic, healthy for your skin and breathable.

L'Envers cotton comes from Brazil. It is a traditional perennial Moco cotton, a variety native to the semi-arid northern region of Brazil. This cotton is grown without using toxic pesticides or fertilisers, free from genetic modification, and doesn’t use irrigation (only rain water). Contrary to popular belief, white is not the original colour of cotton. Thousands of years ago it used to grow in many different colours such as off-white, brown and green. L'Envers uses natural, undyed cotton that is pure and biodegradable, and certified GOTS and OCCGuarantee. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and sets the highest ecological, sustainable and social requirements for organically and naturally produced fibres.

L'Envers gives 1% of their profits to support some of the most impactful CO2-reducing projects around the world. Partnering with CHOOOSE and institutions such as the United Nations is a way for L’Envers to take responsibility and create a positive impact.

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