Naturally Honest Labs was created out of belief that in skincare it should be possible to have it all. Since her early twenties, founder Kasia Bussmann was searching for cosmetics which would resolve her skin issues, while not compromising her principles. She was looking for products that were not only effective, but also organic, vegan, cruelty-free, waste-minimising and free from synthetic chemicals.

Unable to find what she wanted, she resolved to create her own products. Naturally Honest Labs’ cosmetics are produced using the highest quality, organic, plant based components. Their formulas contain only 100% active ingredients with scientifically-proven properties. Due to their unpreserved nature, the cosmetics are handmade in Berlin in small quantities only, ensuring the greatest degree of freshness. The company’s motto “healthy skin is beautiful” means that all its cosmetics are designed to rebalance the skin and support its natural function.