Peak & Meadow make clean, fresh, and honest skincare. Inspired by their shared experiences of the skincare industry and their love for the natural world, Matt & Britt founded Peak & Meadow to be different.

Skincare products can be marketed and sold as natural, with only 1% natural ingredients. Peak & Meadow do not think that is fair. They focus on sourcing the most effective natural and organic ingredients and tell you exactly how natural and organic their products are, right down to the very last %.

Peak & Meadow also prioritise the use of traceable and sustainable ingredients in their products, to lessen their environmental impact.

The natural world is a marvel, and with Peak & Meadow, you can keep it that way. Whenever you buy from them, they plant a tree in an area hit by deforestation and habitat destruction, so future generations can enjoy the wonders of mother nature.

They believe you deserve honest-to-goodness products, which use the best possible ingredients and also give back.