Po-Zu is a London-based award-winning sustainable footwear brand with strong design heritage in craftsmanship and innovation. Established in 2006, the brand focuses on using renewable and recycled resources and has a solvent-free policy. Po-Zu shoes are made with organic cotton, cork, Fairtrade natural rubber, coconut husk, and innovative vegan-alternatives to leather such as Apple Skin which is made from the fibrous waste of the apple juice industry.

The company has been awarded No.1 Ethical shoe brand in the UK for 13 consecutive years by Good Shopping Guide, and, is accredited by the Ethical Company Organisation as a company that upholds human rights and animal welfare.

The pioneering nature and authenticity of Po-Zu has attracted iconic brand names for collaborations namely Maharishi, Timberland and Star Wars.

Po-Zu means ‘pause’ in Japanese; following their mission to provide feet a comforting rest, and to halt the environmental damage caused by modern footwear manufacturing.


Environmental responsibility and ethical conduct is a key commitment of Po-Zu. The suppliers are required to guarantee safe working conditions, treat workers with dignity and respect, act fairly and ethically, and use environmentally responsible practices wherever they produce resources for Po-Zu.

All their shoes are made in carefully sourced factories in Portugal and Sri Lanka. Their factories are committed to the highest standards of ethical manufacturing, have a strict non-toxic policy, and recycle nearly all their waste products, including fabric off-cuts and water.

Foot Mattress™

Each Po-Zu pair has Foot Mattress™ for the base of the shoe - built from layers of spiralled, naturally pliable coconut fibres linked together with high-elasticity natural latex. Air pockets in the mattress react to your weight, body heat and foot movement, so that the coir fibre gently moulds to the shape of your foot, eliminating pressure points underfoot and maximising support. Po-Zu's unique biomimicry design is based on the natural shock-absorbing property of the coconut husk, which protects the fruit when it falls from the tree. Coir has been used for centuries to create bedding and furnishings. It is exceptionally breathable and wicks away moisture from the body, keeping your feet fresh, dry and comfortable no matter how arduous your journey! It is also anti-bacterial.  


It is Po-Zu's  policy to be Solvent Free, not to use any solvent-based substances and glues, because they are harmful and pose hazardous health risks to factory workers. The majority of their shoes are designed with circularity in mind - which means they can be disassembled easily and re-born into something new. They are also glue-less. Po-Zu use natural latex as a temporary bond before stitching the upper and sole components together. Some of their shoes due to their complex construction contain water-based glues. 

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