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Samara started with the intention of creating products that exude elegance, simplicity and nature. The brand was born out of a a desire to create small, minimalist vegan purses and wallets without overt branding, that are truly eco-friendly, and without luxury mark-ups – but with the same quality as higher-end brands. They work with small artisan factories who are committed to using the best vegan materials, treating their workers well and creating products of the finest quality, with a great eye for detail.

Samara has collaborated with The Soular Backpack, a company that provides children who don't have access to electricity with solar powered backpacks, so that they can do their homework every night without having to use a kerosene lamp (which is carcinogenic and environmentally dangerous). Every purchase through Samara covers the cost of a Soular Backpack for a child in need in East Africa, so that they have access to light every night. It's safe to say that when you buy a Samara product, you are lighting up someone else's life.

Read more about ethical leather and how sustainable it is on our blog.

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