SIX-REALMS – featured in The Zoe Report, US Weekly, the New York Post, and Weekly Style Magazine among others – is a Canadian brand established in 2019 with a commitment to creating unique, sustainable fashion accessories.

The name "SIX-REALMS" represents the six different realms of rebirth and existence in Saṃsāra – a fundamental core belief of many Indian religions. The brand's philosophy is to create designs that are contemporary yet timeless, with sustainability in mind. Aiming to showcase the highest quality in craftsmanship, the brand pays attention to detail from material selection to the very last stitch.

About the Founder

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Derrick Liu graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in the United States with a degree in Industrial Design. He moved to New York to pursue a career in design and cultivated his craft by working for some of the most influential fashion houses, including Kenneth Cole Production and DKNY. Derrick had also spent time in Hong Kong and Toronto working for different fashion accessory brands.

 After spending years in the fashion industry and seeing the immense amount of textile waste created in the production of leather goods, Derrick decided to found a brand that had the potential to change consumption through the use of sustainable materials. He also wanted to fill the gap in the market for high-quality vegan accessories with a unique design.

“SIX-REALMS is an inclusive brand that provides options for anyone, from fashionistas to activists, contributing to a better world. We believe every little choice counts.”


SIX-REALMS are committed to using eco-friendly materials in all their products. Their sunglasses are made from plant-based cellulose acetate, which is partially biodegradable and ethically made in Italy by renowned manufacturer Mazzucchelli.

The label's vegan leather goods incorporate Mycro-Leather, a high-tech polyurethane-based material with backing crafted from recycled fibres. This material, made by manufacturers Giardini in Italy, fully complies with the Ecolabel certification and the chemicals restriction regulation REACH. It is also made without any use of solvents.

Among the more innovative textiles used by SIX-REALMS is AppleSkin, a vegan leather made using waste from the fruit juice industry. This material is made from 30% apples and created by upcycling waste, which minimises the brand's carbon footprint.


SIX-REALMS ensures that their manufacturers provide a safe workspace and fair wages, and that they are free from child labour. Craftspeople in their factory in Spain work five days per week, with a premium paid for any overtime.


Ubrique is a small town in southern Spain, home to some of the world's top leather craftsmen. There, a female-founded boutique leather goods manufacturing company works to craft SIX-REALMS' vegan handbags.

The label's sunglasses are made by skilled artisans locally in a small manufacturing studio Toronto, championing local talent in the hometown of the brand.


The brand fully believes that the use of leather in the fashion industry will be replaced with vegan innovation such as textiles made from apples, mushrooms, mangoes, and more. The company aims to educate the industry and consumers on the fact that vegan leather is comparable to animal skins, and evolve the knowledge and awareness of sustainable fashion.

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