SIX-REALMS is a Canadian brand established in 2019 with a commitment to creating unique and sustainable fashion accessories.

The name "SIX-REALMS" represents the six different realms of rebirth and existence in Saṃsāra. This cosmology emphasizes karma which symbolizes a dynamic universe: a universe where our current lives are a reflection of our past and our current choices are a glimpse into our future.

SIX-REALMS philosophy is to think creatively and create designs that are contemporary yet timeless with sustainability in mind. They want to showcase the highest quality in craftsmanship with attention to detail from material selection to every stitch. 

SIX-REALMS are committed to using eco-friendly materials in all their products. They are an inclusive brand that provides options for anyone, from fashionistas to activists, contributing to a better world. Every little choice counts.


They use plant-based cellulose acetate in all of their sunglasses. It is sourced from Mazzucchelli in Italy, widely regarded as a best-in-industry manufacturer. They obtain raw materials from a combination of cotton and wood pulp to make cellulose, a natural and renewable material. 

use Mycro-Leather in our handbag collection, which is a polyurethane-based material with backing made from recycled material. It is created by a leading synthetic leather company called Giardini in Italy and their entire production is strictly ‘Made in Italy’ and ISO9001 Certified, fully complying with the strictest environmental protection standards (Ecolabel Certification) and restriction of chemicals (REACH). Moreover, our Mycro-Leather observes even more restrictive limits under Cads_Prop 65 and Oekotex regulations. 

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