STORY 81 is a contemporary vegan brand for the modern human, which started with a mindful objective: to offer kinder alternatives to leather bags, while staying true to timeless, contemporary style. The brand's effortlessly elegant designs have been selected by the Independent among their 12 Best Vegan Designer Handbags, and have been featured in Stylist and You Magazine.

About the Founder

STORY 81 founder Meeta Bhatt’s appreciation for handbags has been passed to her on by the women who have impacted her life: a mother who loves handbags, and a grandmother who took pride in wearing quality handbags with beautiful finishes. Today, her designs still honour the empowering qualities of style in a contemporary way. With contemporary vegan bags nowhere to be found on the high street, the founder set out on a mission to give conscious-minded consumers like herself an alternative to leather handbags.

“Each bag comes with its own story, a reason why it came about. Each style has been carefully considered, always inspired by what we need and use in our everyday lives.”


Currently working with polyurethane – which is less damaging to the environment than its much more toxic cousin, PVC – the brand is moving towards incorporating apple leather and other naturally based vegan leathers into its ranges.


As a female founder, Meeta is careful that the women in her supply chain are not forced to work extended hours if they are unable to. The brand is also passionate about fair wages for all their workers.


The brand's collections are manufactured in China and Romania.


Beautiful packaging is crucial to STORY 81 – all their accessories come in a protective dust bag and a gift box that can be re-used as a storage box, which is recyclable and 95% recycled. All packaging is vegan.


At the core of STORY 81's values is that animal skin does not need to be used as a fashion statement. With a variety of materials available that are free from animal skin, the brand believes that there is no need to choose between ethics and aesthetics, which is why they are PETA-Approved Vegan.

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