SŪNDAR in Hindi- beaūtiful, gracefūl & all = Ū
Sūndar was born on the shores of India, developed in the mountains of Nicaragua, and created on the island of Bali, using 100% regenerated material from oūr oceans. Designed for the everyday sūndar woman who shines in simplicity and thrives in the wild. 

Sūndar began in the most sūndar way. A simple idea that can change the way we consume, for the better, in every single way. From start to finish our process is seamless, leaving only a trail of empowerment and beauty, strength and sustainability. 

Their pieces bring ūs together; through the oceans and rivers that connect us, and give back to those who need ūs the most.

This is yoūr choice. 

Ū are Sūndar

Sūndar Swimwear is made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon, a yarn made of abandoned fishing nets, fabric scraps & industrial plastic from landfills and oceans all over the world. The yarn is woven into a premium swimwear fabric which is soft and silky to the touch, and is used instead of virgin nylon which is normally made out of crude oil or coal.

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