A Kinder Christmas

Look around and the world can seem a dark place right now. Yet amidst the chaos, there are often incredible moments of hope and humanity – heartwarming acts of kindness. Every day, we come across a story about someone who has made a decision to take the kinder road, and the real impact that makes to the world around them.

In fact, science shows that small acts of kindness can make a huge difference to our lives, for both the giver and to the receiver. Quite simply, being kind makes us healthier and happier – and even live longer. Kindness has been shown to increase self-esteem and improve mood, decrease loneliness and stress, improve relationships, and increase empathy and sense of connectivity with others. It can also be contagious, encouraging others to join in.

Celebrating Kindness

As an ethical and sustainable business that was set up specifically to do things differently, caring is in our DNA. So this year, we decided to dedicate our festive campaign A Kinder Christmas to finding and celebrating acts of generosity and moments of kindness. It’s a little different to a ‘regular’ retail Christmas campaign, but we believe that just as hatred and violence breed more of the same, so too do kindness and compassion.. 

So over the next couple of months, we’ll be sharing inspirational people and organisations (including the fabulous brands we have at Immaculate Vegan), and their acts of kindness, and encourage you to do the same. Plus we’ll have a regular giveaway where you can nominate people in your life that you think embody kindness to receive a lovely gift from our store.

Gifts That Spread Kindness

We hope you’ll choose us for your festive gift buying this year. We have thousands of beautiful, thoughtfully-made vegan and sustainable gifts from over a hundred pioneering fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands to choose from. From stunning investment pieces that really are worth splashing out on, to more price-conscious ethical treats, we’ve selected our favourites for our new Christmas Gift Edits.

With so much choice, we think there’s something for everyone here; and you can trust that every single item meets our Immaculate standards. Made ethically, sustainably, and always 100% cruelty free. Made with kindness

Please enjoy what you see and read from us in the next few weeks. Our spirits were lifted, and we hope yours are too.

Annick and Simon, co-founders of Immaculate Vegan  xx 

annick@immaculatevegan.com, simon@immaculatevegan.com 

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