Immaculate Vegan becomes ‘Immaculate Veganuary’ throughout January to support Veganuary 2022.

Veganuary is a global charity that has inspired millions of people to pledge to try vegan for the 31 days of January. Millions of people from around the world have taken part since its launch in 2014, and their 2021 campaign saw a record sign-up number of over 580,000 participants.

After COP26’s failure to address animal agriculture’s contribution to the climate crisis, this year Veganuary is urging people to take climate action into their own hands and try vegan this January. The urgent call to action marks the launch of Veganuary’s 2022 campaign and continued international expansion, with India joining the UK, US, Germany, Chile, Brazil and Argentina as campaign hubs.

International backers of Veganuary also continue to grow with Joanna Lumley, Chris Packham, Benjamin Zephaniah, New York Mayor Eric Adams, world-renowned chef Matthew Kenney who recently opened Adesse in Selfridges and Dragon Den’s Deborah Meaden joining the campaign this year; while Venus Williams, Jane Goodall, Sadie Frost, Bella Ramsey and Bryan Adams have donated their favourite vegan recipes to Veganuary’s 2022 cookbook ,which all participants receive.

At Immaculate Vegan, we want to help further the impact of the Veganuary campaign by encouraging everyone to not only alter their food habits, but to consider trying vegan fashion throughout the month too.⁠

Our goal is to inform and and inspire everyone to try vegan fashion this year, by:⁠

  • Introducing you to amazing fashion & lifestyle brands and products that are 100% vegan, ethical and sustainable⁠.

  • Creating content about how to transition to a vegan lifestyle, with tips covering food, fashion and more⁠.

  • Interviewing Veganuary’s Head of Communications, Toni Vernelli, to discuss the impact of Veganuary, top tips for vegan living and the latest update on the campaign highlights and celebrity activists.

  • Giving all Veganuary participants 10% off their first purchase on our site.

Vegan fashion and lifestyle is poised to be the next revolution – the global vegan women’s fashion market size is anticipated to reach over $1billion by 2027, with an average annual growth rate of 13.6%, outpacing even vegan food growth.

“I’m really inspired by the growth in demand for vegan and sustainable fashion – and the businesses that are launching and growing because of that. We’ve already seen a real revolution taking place in plant-based eating, fuelled by ever increasing concerns about the environment, animal welfare and human health – and COVID has only accelerated it. And we're seeing the same revolution now in vegan fashion and lifestyle. We are thrilled to be actively supporting Veganuary for 2022 and showcasing how living a vegan lifestyle not only benefits our planet and our health, but can be done without compromising looking and feeling great.”

Annick Ireland, Founder, Immaculate Vegan

“Whether driven by concerns for the planet or animal welfare, one thing is certain - veganism is a trend that keeps on trending in the fashion industry. Veganuary is here to help everyone who wants to try vegan, but our job is made much, much easier when retailers like Immaculate Vegan are showcasing the most beautiful, sustainable, ethical and 100% vegan products, proving that you don’t need to compromise on style when turning vegan”.

Toni Vernelli, International Head of Communication and Marketing, Veganuary

Veganuary is free to join, and people can sign-up at to receive 31 daily emails packed with nutritional info, delicious recipes, easy meal plans and helpful advice.