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Since its creation in 2017, label Minuit Sur Terre has been driven by ethics. The brand is committed to offering shoes, accessories and clothing free from animal-derived ingredients and with the lowest possible environmental impact – without compromising on style or quality.

Every collection, the brand has a new model of their best-selling embroidered Virevolte sneakers. For each pair sold, 5€ is donated to a partner association. An example is the Virevolte Bunnies, which is designed in collaboration with PETA France. Minuit Sur Terre also makes occasional donations to associations: a part of the profits from their second-hand platform l'Aurore is given to organisations committed to the defence of animals.

About the Founder

Marie Viard Klein had been vegan for a few years and couldn't find shoes that suited her in terms of style, ethics and quality. At the time, there were few brands offering shoes and accessories that were both ethical and vegan. This inspired Marie to launch her own brand and create shoes that save lives.

“The company was born from frustration about the lack of shoes that reconcile style and ethics. Season after season, we have the same ambition: to offer modern, desirable collections made with respect for animals, humans and the planet.”


Minuit Sur Terre sources their materials in Italy, prioritising eco-friendly plant-based or recycled textiles. The brand is big on leathers made from grapes, apples or cereals, which are vegan and have a lower carbon footprint. Minuit Sur Terre also uses recycled materials crafted from plastic bottles recovered from the Mediterranean Sea, or fabric scraps from the textile industry.


Minuit Sur Terre works with small factories, located in the Porto region of Portugal. Good conditions for workers are essential to the brand, which is why they visit the factories several times every year. They are also working with a small French factory located in the Nantes area, which they also visit frequently.


The brand aims to reduce its impact on the environment by prioritising local production, choosing their materials with care, and committing to transport by road only.


All packaging used by the brand is made from recycled materials: their shoe boxes, tissue paper, and shoe-care card. The label is also aiming to reduce their packaging as much as possible and to avoid unnecessary elements in packaging in order to minimise waste.


Minuit Sur Terre is a PETA-Approved Vegan brand and ensures all components in its designs are animal-free. The brand is also committed to educating its consumers on the benefits of vegan living.

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