This British vegan brand set out to deliver high quality accessories for men, although they have now expanded to include women's vegan bags and accessories too. Men are underrepresented in the world of sustainable and vegan accessories – but as more and more people are opting for a vegan lifestyle,  Watson & Wolfe wanted to offer accessories that look and feel like something men were used to carrying.

The brand prefers vegan materials with sustainable elements, such as recycled fibres or plant leathers, but without losing the look and feel of animal leather. Durability is a big focus for this brand – every item is made to the highest standard, built to last.

About the Founder

Watson & Wolfe was founded by Helen Farr-Leander, who spent ten years working with leather goods at luxury brand Aspinal of London. But when she decided to start her own brand, she did deeper research into the leather trade – and decided that eating animals, and using them as disposable commodities, was not for her. So she began looking into new materials, seeking that luxury finish of a modern design with a high-end feel – all vegan.

“I wanted to build a business that was considerate and that my children could be proud of too. Nobody should be profiteering on the back of environmental damage.”


Watson & Wolfe's main material is a vegan eco-leather derived from renewable corn resources – 50% plant material, derived from non-food grade corn, which comes from a renewable source. This gives Watson & Wolfe's vegan leather a much lower CO2 footprint than traditionally made vegan leather. It is also completely free of chromium and PDD – harsh chemicals found in leather tanning. The brand also uses cactus leather and cork.

Their wallet linings are strong and durable, while maintaining a luxurious look and feel. The linings are made using 100% recycled plastic bottles, which use 94% less water, 60% less energy and 32% less CO2 to manufacture than virgin polyester.


The brand conducts thorough inquiries into their factories and suppliers about the conditions of their workforce, such as living wage. They also require all local government taxes to be paid and personally visit the factories when possible.


Most of the brand's designs are manufactured in a small factory in Turkey. The manufacturer of their corn leather supplier is based in Rome. It has three sites globally – each fully powered by solar energy. This supplier is also aiming to develop a 100% solvent-free product and a material for shoe lining with 80% bio-based content.


Watson & Wolfe's gift boxes are made from recycled materials, and their card stock is biodegradable and FSC-certified. The entire manufacturing process is chlorine-free, and it's finished off with the printing, which is done using vegetable inks.


The winner of the Best Vegan Men's Accessories award in the 2019 PETA Fashion Awards, Watson & Wolfe believes that the raising of animals for food and fashion must be designed out of society due to the damage it causes to the planet and the suffering it brings upon the animals. To this brand, being vegan is essential.

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