Launched in 2018, V.GAN is dedicated to bringing affordable, high quality and cruelty-free footwear to the world – offering the perfect antidote to the harmful leather trade. V.GAN sells their unisex vegan collection on four continents and their vegan shoes, boots, sandals and slippers have graced the feet of over 25,000 happy customers. Next up: expanding into personal care.

They design a full range of styles, so whether you're looking for vegan sandals, vegan chelsea boots, or some toasty vegan slippers, V.GAN has you covered.

About the Founders of V.GAN

Derrick Hoyle and Marcel Bordon were obsessed with shoes – so when they decided to launch their own brand, it was obvious that they would challenge one of fashion's biggest leather users, the footwear industry.

You do not have to harm animals or the planet to have a great lifestyle. There is another way – the V.GAN way."

What are V.GAN shoes made of?

Recycled fabrics feature heavily in V.GAN's range, whether it's recycled polyester linings made from plastic bottles or recycled polyurethane insoles. The brand's shoelaces are made with organic cotton and their glues are water-based, meaning that no animal ingredients are used. V.GAN is free from PVC and also uses bio-based corn leather.

Where are V.GAN shoes made?

Materials are sourced from Portugal, Spain, and China. V.GAN audits their factories regularly.

Are V.GAN vegan shoes eco-friendly and sustainable?

All people in the supply chain are paid a living wage. V.GAN is a PETA-Approved Vegan brand, with no animals used in any of its products. Only recycled cardboard is used in V.GAN's packaging, which is also entirely free from glue.

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