Women's Sustainable Vegan Jumpers & Knitwear

Browse our curated collection of women's ethical jumpers & cardigans, made from sustainable and vegan materials such as GOTS certified organic cotton, produced by pioneering ethical and sustainable fashion brands including Wills Vegan Store and KOMODO.

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There is a growing range of cruelty-free and environmentally friendly wool alternatives that are just as warm, cosy and comfortable. The classic vegan wool replacements are hemp, organic cotton and bamboo. More contemporary choices include Tencel, a fabric made from wood cellulose.

Anything other than wool or other animal-derived fibres such as angora, mohair, cashmere, or alpaca. Polyester would be the obvious candidate but more natural vegan wool alternatives could be hemp or bamboo. The vegan jumpers and cardigans that we sell are made from certified organic cotton but also from Tencel, a fabric made from wood cellulose.

Organic cotton is naturally chemical-free and as it doesn’t use fertilisers or pesticides in its production process. Choosing organic helps protect animal habitats and keeps the soil free of erosion and at its best, while using less water. It’s a win-win for farmers and animals.

You can machine-wash your organic cotton garments with normal detergent but choose a low temperature (max. 30°C). Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton is not treated, so in high heat it is possible for the cotton to shrink. Lower wash (and drying) temperatures reduce the risk of shrinkage and colour fading. As cotton is a natural fibre, the washing process will soften it naturally so there's no need to add fabric conditioner. It's best to wash with similar colours and avoid tumble driers if possible.

 Recycled cotton is cotton fibre that is reused in new cotton textile products. Recycled cotton can be made from both pre-consumer (post-industrial) and post-consumer cotton waste.

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