Women's Ethical & Sustainable Tops & T-Shirts

Browse our curated collation of beautiful ethical & sustainable tops, t-shirts, shirts & blouses, made entirely cruelty-free using premium vegan materials including organic cotton, organic linen, bamboo and Tencel.

Our vegan and sustainable clothing brands include Baukjen, BOODY, Vildnis, Neu Nomads, KOMODO and Will's Vegan Store.

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As organic cotton is chemical-free and doesn’t use pesticides or fertilisers to produce, it is much more environmentally friendly than non-organic cotton. It protects animal habitats, minimises soil erosion and maximises soil quality, while using less water.

Organic linen is grown without herbicides, pesticides or fertilisers so it is a more sustainable option. 

Silk is made from the fibres that silkworms spin in building their cocoons. Mostly produced from silkworms raised on farms, silk is not only cruel but has a very low fabric yield. According to PETA, around 3,000 silkworms are killed to produce one pound of silk. Vegan silk alternatives are often made from semi-synthetic fabrics such as bamboo, viscose, rayon, and lyocell (aka Tencel). These fabrics are in many cases biodegradable. Vegan silk can also be made from natural textiles such as Cupro or ramie.

Bamboo silk is a natural, plant-based natural viscose fibre made from bamboo, which is 100% vegan. As a natural fabric, it is breathable, absorbent and very comfortable.

Both are natural materials with similar properties such as feel, temperature regulation and durability – and they share many of the same weaves. Some argue that cotton is more breathable but bamboo lasts longer. Bamboo has less of an environmental impact and a smaller carbon footprint than cotton. It is ubiquitous and grows rapidly without the heavy water or fertiliser use of cotton. It is also naturally resistant to insects so does not require pesticides. However, the process of transforming raw bamboo to fabric can be intensive, so it's important to choose sustainable options.

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