Prologue is an ethics-driven, mission-forward vegan shoe brand. Designed in Copenhagen and produced in Turkey, their shoes range from sneakers to boots to offer versatility, comfort and style.  Rather than continuing on the destructive path of the fashion industry, Prologue believes that fashion can become one of the world’s most powerful conduits for social and environmental progress. Each season, the brand explores innovative ways to improve their sustainability practices, while offering timeless, high-quality designs.

About the Founders

Turkish–Mexican married couple Onur and Sandra have backgrounds in the shoe design and graphic design industries. Living in Copenhagen, Denmark, they share a passion for sustainable style. Onur's family owns an ethical shoe production facility in Turkey, where 100% of the production is focused on vegan leather.

“We envision the industry reversing its impact on climate change and becoming one of society's most effective tools to help eradicate poverty within our lifetime.” 


All of Prologue's shoes are vegan, made from high-quality polyurethane made to last. Even the smallest components, down to the glues, are vegan. All materials are sourced from Turkey.


Every worker in Prologue's supply chain is paid ethically.


Prologue has a close-knit relationship with their production facilities, as co-founder Onur's family owns the factories. This way, monitoring and ensuring ethical conditions is made simpler.


The brand's packaging is made from recycled carton.


Prologue is a 100% vegan brand.

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