The Best Ethical Fashion In The World. All In One Place.

We believe you can look good, feel good and do good. Immaculate Vegan was launched by co-founders Annick Ireland and Simon Bell in 2019 because they wanted to help people to make better choices that positively impact animals, people and the planet when they shop.

What we offer is materially different: A 100% vegan, highly curated collection of premium fashion using the most innovative and sustainable materials — all made ethically, and amplified by original content and an engaged community of changemakers.

Our mission: To help you to look immaculate from head to toe, while caring for animals, people and the planet. We have everything you need to look good, feel good and do good.

Style With Purpose

All our brands are carefully vetted by the IV team to ensure that everything we sell is 100% vegan, sustainable, using ethical labour and with sustainable packaging. No greenwashing.

We curate the best vegan fashion and style brands so our customers don’t have to. Today we sell over 4000 products from 100+ brands, across six categories: Shoes, bags, accessories, clothing, beauty and  homeware.

What We Bring You

Style: We don’t believe you have to sacrifice looking good for being good. IV helps you discover an exciting new world of premium vegan fashion, and we only sell brands that pass our ‘Immaculate ‘filter with flying colours. Whether you’re looking for a specific item, or just for inspiration, we’ll bring you hero products you’ll fall in love with, and game-changing brands you’ll want to get behind.

Quality: We love premium products created from the highest quality vegan and sustainable materials, crafted by skilled workers, and designed to last. Cheap fast fashion is not our thing.

Trust & Convenience: We do the hard work of finding the most ethical, sustainable and beautiful labels on the planet – so you can feel confident about the choices you’re making. All with transparent competitive pricing, outstanding customer service, and delivery right to your door.

Ethics: We care about animals, so everything we sell is 100% animal free. We care about the planet, so we look for the utmost sustainability in materials and manufacturing. We care about people, so we only sell brands that adhere to ethical, fair labour policies. You can trust us to set high standards for everything we do (although we must admit – we struggle to say no to a vegan doughnut).

What We Look For In Our Brands

Materials:  All items on our website are 100% vegan and use the most sustainable materials possible: From clothing made from linen, bamboo, hemp, EcoVero, Tencel, organic cotton and more; to shoes and accessories made from PVC-free plant-based leathers and recycled materials, and even the world's first plastic-free vegan leather, Mirum.

This is an exciting time for innovation in ethical and vegan manufacturing. Consumers are looking for better, and with hundreds of millions invested in the next generation of premium plant-based alternatives, the world is moving up and on.

Manufacturing: We partner with brands who manufacture as sustainably as possible, from those working with artisanal workshops, to solar-powered small scale factories; from brands using closed loop technology (where everything is recycled); to those with strict controls on emissions, or minimal water usage; and others producing small volumes of high quality items that are built to last. 

Ethical Labour: We only work with brands that can ensure that the people making their items are paid a living wage, are treated fairly and ethically, and work in a safe and respectful environment. Transparency across the supply chain is also key.

Style: We love the finer things (as well as the kinder things). Once we know that a brand ticks our ethical and manufacturing values, we look for great design, trending styles, and quality. In other words, brands that don’t compromise looking good for doing good. On trend or modern classic, we have it covered.

Any questions? Please do ask…

Immaculate Vegan was born of the belief that it is possible to have style and love ethical brands. What started as a personal project on Instagram is now a growing business. We love talking with our (equally passionate) customers. Drop us a line to tell us what you love and what you want more of. As a young start-up we really appreciate the support our customers give us.

Annick and Simon xx,