For a better, more beautiful life

Immaculate Vegan is the world's leading ethical and sustainable marketplace, with a mission to help you live a better, more beautiful life.

We have high standards, and we do the hard work of identifying the most ethical, sustainable and beautiful options available – so you can shop with peace of mind.

We are starting with fashion, creating the best vegan fashion collection, all in one place. From shoes, bags and accessories, to sustainable clothing, we have an unparalleled offering from style-led vegan & ethical brands around the world.

We won’t stop there. We are building a platform of products and services in a range of areas that will enable everyone to make the best possible choices for themselves and the planet.

What We Look For

We search the world for brands that share our values, that really are about living ethically and sustainability, without the greenwashing. Every product we sell has to pass our test of both aesthetics and ethics – beautifully designed and well made, but also meeting the following criteria:

Materials – all items on our website must be 100% vegan, and also use the most sustainable materials possible. For example, vegan leathers that are free of virgin PVC, and use as much plant-based or recycled material as possible; clothing made from sustainable sources such as organic cotton, linen and Tencel. No material or vegan leather is perfect, but we look for brands doing the best they can and continually seeking to improve.

Manufacturing – we select brands using as sustainable manufacturing processes as possible. For example, factories that use solar power, closed loop technology (where everything is recycled), with strict controls on emissions, and minimal water usage.

Ethical labour – we select brands that work with suppliers that ensure workers are paid a living wage, are treated fairly and ethically, and work in a safe and respectful environment. Transparency across the supply chain is also key.

What We Offer

Discovery we make it easy for you to find that elusive item you’ve been searching for, new hero products you’ll fall in love with, and game-changing brands you’ll want to get behind. 

Trust – we have high standards, and we do the hard work of finding the most ethical, sustainable and beautiful labels on the planet – so you can shop with peace of mind. We also publish as much information as possible about our brands, the materials they use, and where and how their products are made, so you can feel confident about the choices you’re making. 

Convenience – we make it easy to shop with us, offering a single store where you can shop across over 100 premium brands and thousands of products, with transparent competitive pricing and special brand offers.

Expert Guidance – through the Immaculate Magazine we bring you information and inspiration on how you can practically live a better, more beautiful life, with weekly articles from experts in sustainability and ethical consumption. We’re here to help you, step by beautiful step.