Fashion That's As Good As It Looks

We’re on a mission. We love fashion. We just don’t like what it does to animals, people and the planet. So we decided to change it.

From vegan shoes, bags and accessories, to ethical and sustainable clothing and homewares, we select the best and most beautiful vegan products in the world, and make it easy for others to discover and buy them.

Every single beautiful article on our website is vegan – so no need for vegan filters or searches. We insist on zero cruelty to animals; the most sustainable materials available; sustainable manufacturing processes; and investing in fair and ethical labour practices.

We also don’t compromise on quality or style, so you know you are getting the best and most beautiful vegan products in the world. Welcome to our Immaculate world. Where fashion is as good as it looks.

What We Look For

We search the world for brands that share our values, that really are about living ethically and sustainability – without the greenwashing. We set high standards, and every product we sell has to pass our test of both aesthetics and ethics – beautifully designed and well made, but also meeting the following criteria:

Materials – all items on our website must be 100% vegan, and also use the most sustainable materials possible. For example, vegan leathers that are PVC free and use as much plant-based or recycled materials as possible; clothing made from sustainable sources such as organic cotton, linen, hemp, Tencel, bamboo silk, plastic-free buttons. No material or vegan leather is perfect, but we look for brands doing the best they can and continually seeking to improve.

Manufacturing – we select brands using as sustainable manufacturing processes as possible. For example, factories that use solar power, closed loop technology (where everything is recycled), with strict controls on emissions, and minimal water usage.

Ethical labour – we select brands that work with suppliers that ensure workers are paid a living wage, are treated fairly and ethically, and work in a safe and hygienic environment. Transparency across the supply chain is also key.

We work hard to give you the labels you’ll want to get behind, the products you’ll feel proud to purchase, and all the information and inspiration you need to start living a more ethical and sustainable life – stylishly.

Walk a Different Path

Although we are starting small, our passion for an ethical and sustainable fashion industry is huge. We believe in changing the world, step by beautiful step.

If you do too, we’d love you to join our fashion revolution. Sign up and you’ll get more than our discounts and special offers. You'll get to be part of making the world as good as you look.