Browse our carefully curated fine jewellery collection, crafted with commitment to be kind to the planet and its people. Our Jewellery brands, including Julia Thompson Jewellery, Ana Dyla and Little by Little, are committed to fair trade practices, and use sustainable, planet-conscious materials, including 18ct recycled gold, recycled 925 sterling pure silver and lab-grown diamonds. Craftsmanship, quality and timeless pieces without compromising on your sustainability values. 

Our vegan, ethical & sustainable jewellery collection includes sustainable silver jewellery, sustainable gold jewellery and sustainable recycled silver & gold jewellery.

For more on what makes jewellery ethical and sustainable, read our article here.

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Sustainable jewellery refers to responsible sourcing methods in the supply chain and the use of materials that have minimal impact on our environment – that might involve sourcing recycled materials. In addition to that, it would ensure that the sourcing of the materials is not connected to conflict or hazardous working conditions, and that workers are paid a fair wage. 

Lots of jewellery unfortunately ends up in landfill due to over-consumption. Sustainable jewellery production can repurpose materials that would otherwise be going to waste. Sustainable jewellery suppliers would also ensure that every part in the supply chain is ethical, from the workers being paid a fair wage and working in safe conditions to the environmental footprint of the materials.

Yes. Recycled gold is still 100% real gold. Recycled gold comes from gold that would be going to landfill. Suppliers can use recycling methods to repurpose that waste into a beautiful piece of jewellery that is more sustainable and ethical in all parts of the supply chain.

Yes! Gold and silver jewellery can (and should!) be recycled or bought second-hand. If everyone used recycled jewellery, there would be significantly less jewellery in landfill due to overconsumption. This would significantly reduce the environmental impact of the jewellery industry.  

Gold can be recycled with minimal degradation in quality. Modern methods of gold recycling make it just as unlikely to tarnish as newly created gold. 

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