Find the ideal vegan crossbody bag for your personal style from our carefully curated selection of the best women's vegan crossbody bags by the best contemporary ethical brands. Our collection includes small vegan crossbody bags, vegan leather crossbody bags, vegan black crossbody bags and vegan leather crossbody purses.

All our women's vegan bags are made entirely cruelty-free using sustainable vegan materials including apple leather, cactus leathergrape leather, Pinatex pineapple leather, bio-based leather made from corn, and recycled materials.

Our vegan bag brands include LaBante, LUXTRA London, Watson & Wolfe, Frida Rome, Ashoka Paris, Alkeme Atelier and Gunas New York.

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Minuit sur Terre Oscar NoisetteMinuit sur Terre Oscar Vegan Suede Handbag | Hazelnut
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Vegan crossbody bags can be made from many types of materials, such as leather made from grape, apple, cactus, corn, cork and more. Some vegan brands may also choose to use recycled plastics in an attempt to prevent hard plastics going to landfill.

Vegan crossbody bags are much better for the environment than bags that use animal-based leather. Vegan bags are usually partially biodegradable due to using plant-based leathers. They also use significantly less water and result in fewer greenhouse gas emissions – plus, their production does not involve animal or human suffering.

Like any products, quality can vary. Premium brands tend to be higher in quality as a result of using plant-based leathers and more efficient manufacturing processes. 

Vegan crossbody bags are, for the most part, just as durable as animal-based bags if made with a high enough quality plant-based leather such as corn, cactus, apple, grape or cork. The plant-based leather is often bonded with a small amount of polyurethane to give the bag a longer life. 

Clean your vegan leather cross with a dirt-free, soft cloth. For stubborn stains, then use a small amount of washing up liquid with warm water. Do not use solvents, harsher chemicals or heavy-duty household cleaning products. 

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