Immaculate Vegan exists to change the perception of vegan style from alternative to aspirational. We are here to change the face of fashion.

We search the world for the most desirable, innovative designers, carefully curating a sophisticated collection of slow, sustainable fashion and contemporary lifestyle products.

We offer outstanding choice with inspiration. By shopping with us, our customers are supporting our community of pioneering brands, and our collective mission for change. 

We love collaborating with beautiful, sophisticated, high-quality brands that share our vision and values. If you’re interested in selling your vegan products with us, we would be delighted to hear from you.

What we're looking for

Right now we are looking for premium ethical & sustainable fashion brands with significant vegan collections, preferably based in the UK or USA. We are not taking on new beauty brands right now.

We’re looking for brands that share our values. We set high standards, and every product we sell has to pass our test of both aesthetics and ethics. We look for products that are beautifully designed and well made, but that also meet the following criteria:

Materials – are you using 100% vegan materials, and also the most sustainable materials possible? For example, organic cotton, linen, hemp, Tencel, bamboo silk, plastic-free buttons, organic plant-based dyes. Are your vegan leathers PVC free and ideally either bio-based or using recycled materials? You don’t need to be a vegan brand, but you do need to demonstrate to us that the products you want to sell through our store are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Manufacturing – is your brand using the most sustainable manufacturing processes it can, e.g. working with factories that use close loop technology, solar power, strict controls on emissions and any release of dyes, minimal water usage? There are many different components to sustainable manufacturing, but we need to see evidence of how you're trying to be sustainable here.

Ethical labour – do you work with your suppliers to ensure your workers are paid a living wage, are treated fairly and ethically, work in a safe and hygienic environment? If you use factories, do they have any fair / ethical labour accreditations?

Packaging – do you use the most sustainable packaging available, e.g. recycled, recycable, zero waste, or plastic free?

What we bring you:

A new outlet for your products

With over 100 brands and more being added all the time, we offer a compelling choice of brands and products for conscious consumers of every kind. We target not only vegans and vegetarians, but everyone who simply wants to make better choices about what they purchase, wear and use. Through our platform, our content and our extensive marketing, we enable you to reach a large group of new customers, giving your brand increased reach, positive exposure, and ultimately more sales.

A premium retail environment

Immaculate Vegan is a high-end aspirational brand in the ethical and sustainable eCommerce space. Our website design and experience reflects this premium aesthetic, as does our content and our marketing. And when it comes to product, we hand-pick only the very best brands to work with, who meet our threshold of high quality and beautiful design. That means you’ll only ever be in the very best company.

Powerful marketing

Immaculate Vegan’s founders are marketers by profession, with over 40 years of branding, marketing and eCommerce experience between us, for global market-leading brands. We understand the importance of a strong website and outstanding cross-channel marketing in driving sales and customer loyalty. We use our skills and experience to present your brand in the best way possible, and grow your sales.

An easy-to-use platform

Our website is built on Shopify, and we use the industry's leading marketplace software which makes it incredibly easy for our brands to work with us, from product management, stock synching, and order management and fulfillment. We offer lots of customer support to help you get set up, and manage any queries along the way. Set up for brands only takes around an hour of your time.

How it works

Immaculate Vegan is an online marketplace, a platform allowing you to offer and sell your products directly to our customers. The customer makes their purchase through our website, we then transfer the customer’s order and shipment details to you, and you then ship the products directly to the customer. We manage all customer communication and customer services, including around any returns (which are low).

Next steps

If you're interested in finding out more, please email us, including the name and website address of your brand, and your Instagram profile, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.