We believe it's important for the ethical and sustainable business community to support each other, in our collective mission to create a fairer, kinder world that's better for animals, people and the planet.

Below are some incredible vegan businesses that we love. These are personal recommendations from our team at Immaculate Vegan, so all these brands come tried and tested!

Honestly Tasty – artisan vegan cheeses (UK)

Honestly Tasty make plant-based cheese to change behaviour. Challenging the perception that choosing an alternative means compromising on taste and texture, they combine new technology with traditional cheese-making techniques to make award-winning, totally tasty vegan cheese. 
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Oat Avenue – the UK's first granola butter (UK)

Think of a peanut butter but made out of oats. Liquid granola, with a smooth but crunchy texture. Enjoy on porridge, toast, pancakes, yoghurt or straight out of the jar.

This incredible granola butter is vegan, nut free, gluten free, dairy free, sesame free, refined sugar free and is suitable for those with allergies. Available in Original, Chocolate, Chai Spice & Raspberry.

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UMAZING – Rock your Kitchen with Umami Flavour and Say Goodbye to Salt & Pepper! (UK)

Founded by our friend Kalvinder Chaggar, UMAZING is a premium range of organic, plant-based powders with umami flavours that can be used in culinary and everyday food choices. UMAZING boosts the flavour and nutritional value of your food to make cooking a more rewarding experience.

Their gut-friendly blend includes miso, shiitake mushrooms, Irish seaweed and cherry tomatoes to boost umami flavour whilst boasting a chemical and preservative free blend.

Gut-friendly, plant-based, transformative, organic, and female-founded… what more could a conscious consumer hope for?

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Little Coffee Company – Ethical coffee made by proud women (UK)

Founded by Lauren, Little Coffee Company is a London based company working with farmers and sourcing partners to find the best quality sustainable coffees from around the world. Their mission is to help improve the lives of their farmers facing poverty, but also sharing the untold stories from the farm. Working with charity partners SolarAid, they donate 0.20p per tin to help support families with solar lamps. All of their packaging is either reusable or recyclable to help reduce harmful CO2 emissions.

You can shop their ethical & sustainable coffee here.

DR.VEGAN – ethical supplements for everyone (UK)

DR.VEGAN supplements are a real game-changer, whatever your diet. Their supplements are formulated to protect your health and the planet simultaneously.

Made in the UK and led by science, their unique formulas are created by expert nutritionists with clinically studied plant-based ingredients, that work. DR.VEGAN use the most bio-available, effective ingredients at optimal levels to make a real difference to people's lives, and importantly contain zero nasty additives, zero animal ingredients and zero bulking or anti-caking agents! 

Not sure if you need supplements? Try their free online Diet Profile to help you understand your diet better. You can also read more about them in our article.

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Doctor Seaweed – sustainable seaweed supplements (UK)

Doctor Seaweed's range of seaweed supplements are carefully blended with 100% plant-based, natural ingredients to support your specific wellness goals and help you really look and feel wonderful with seaweed.

Sustainably sourced from the beautiful Outer Hebrides in Scotland. Discovering the wonder of sustainable seaweed has become key in their mission to help look after people's health and the health of our planet. 

You can shop their ethical & sustainable supplements here.