Annick Ireland, Co-Founder & CEO

Annick Ireland became vegan in 2014 when she adopted her dog Tippi from the Retired Greyhound Trust and made the connection between the pets we love and the welfare of other animals. Deciding, like many Immaculate Vegan customers since launch, that she wanted to make a difference every time she shopped, she looked around for great vegan and ethical fashion and style brands… and struggled! Frustrated that she couldn’t shop beautifully, ethically and easily at the same time, she set out to create something new.

"I launched Immaculate Vegan because I am passionate about living in a world that is kind to animals, people and the planet. We know that traditional fashion is a harm to our world — because of the kinds of materials used (many of which are cruel to animals), the unsustainable manufacturing processes, and the volume of items produced and discarded every year. In addition, it has been well documented that many workers in the supply chain, including garment workers, aren't paid a living wage and work under unethical conditions.”

But, there is another way. “We believe in style with purpose,” she says, adding, “There are finally many beautiful, premium brands whose businesses are built on ethical labour, sustainable manufacturing, use of sustainable and vegan materials, sustainable packaging and slow, small-scale production. These are the brands we sell and champion at Immaculate Vegan. We curate the best ethical fashion in the world, all in one place. Together, with our brands and our customers, we're creating a new fashion industry we can all be proud of.”

Annick lives with her partner in North London and when not hunting down beautiful pieces from every corner of the world for IV, she loves walking, wild swimming and reading classic crime fiction.

Favourite items from Immaculate Vegan: "My stunning Frida Rome bag which never fails to get admiring comments; this super soft vegan leather jacket from Minuit (looks great with everything); I get a lot of my clothing from Baukjen."

You can see Annick's favourite items at Immaculate Vegan in her reguarly updated Founder's Favourites Edit

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Simon Bell,

Co-Founder & COO

It was on moving to the country where cows come right up to the kitchen window that Simon became seriously interested in veganism and what it could offer. Watching Cowspiracy was the final wake up call. He’s not looked back since 2016.

Simon met Annick at his agency Diligent Commerce, an ecommerce specialist focussed firmly on premium fashion. Annick needed a website, Simon saw a purpose-driven enterprise with a tremendous upside so they formed the company together in January 2018. Simon sold Diligent in 2021 to focus 100% on growing Immaculate Vegan.

Immaculate Vegan is a perfect combination of purpose and opportunity. We are on a mission to help change the face of fashion, no less. We select the best and most beautiful ethical products in the world, and make it easy for everyone to find and buy them. It’s an incredibly exciting market opportunity with global reach and appeal. It’s a joy to be building this with Annick”

Simon lives with his family in Surrey, and enjoys cycling, watching football and growing vegetables.

"My favourite items from Immaculate Vegan are my super-comfortable Humans are Vain trainers, a classic vegan leather belt from Watson & Wolfeall my shoes from V.GAN are great (not least their slippers!)and, as I wear long sleeved tops all the time, then Komodo are a go-to choice.

You can connect with Simon on LinkedIn.