Solios, the solar watch, responsibly powered. Made differently, it represents a vision of constant improvement, ethics, and social responsibility. If only 2 hours of sunlight exposure will produce 6 months of power reserve, its technology is only one of the elements that were redefined in this symbol. From its ecofriendly and interchangeable straps, to the quality of the material used, and its zero-waste transportation avoiding plastic, Solios is more than a watch, Solios is a way to show that we care. 

The first time Alex and Sam, the two cofounders, decided to design their watches, it was clear that they would avoid using animal skin for their interchangeable straps. Furthermore, after some deeper research, they also decided that they would avoid the most common replacement, polyurethane (PU – or plastic). This is why they came up with a unique vegan leather free of PU and PVC, completely recyclable, highly durable (waterproof, ink proof, dust proof), and filled with a 100% recycled plastic microfiber. Cruelty free AND ecofriendly.

Now, why solar? If all battery-operated watches were to function using a solar movement, they estimate this could eliminate the production of more than 300 million batteries every year.

They then had no choice but to deliver this minimalist and luxury timepiece in a beautiful packaging made of 100% recycled and recyclable materials, hand-assembled in their home town, Montréal – Canada.

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