Founded by trained goldsmith and designer Lorna Watson, STELAR collaborates directly with artisan communities in Bali using age-old indigenous techniques to create unique, hand-woven and hand-crafted 'must-have' luxury accessories. 

Using a range of locally sourced vegan materials including bamboo and naturally dried atta grass, STELAR’s products are finished with French linen ribbon, cotton canvas linings and sailing rope handles.

Alongside a dedication to creating genuine high-quality products, STELAR reflects a new generation of social entrepreneurs which re-imagines an authentic linkage between the customer and the artisan. Every hand-crafted item is accompanied by a unique digital code, connecting the owner to the origins of their bag and the artisan who created it.

STELAR places its core values of craftsmanship, community, transparency and regeneration at the heart of its mission to disrupt the fashion industry and make a sustainable and positive impact.