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A_C Official offers sustainably made vegan handbags born from a love for design and a commitment to the Earth. Known for its use of innovative plant-based leathers and its mindful consideration of the design journey, A_C is dedicated to ensuring that its production does a minimal amount of harm to people, planet and animals. The brand has been featured in VOGUE, Marie Claire, and RUSSH, and has received a PETA Fashion Award. A part of the brand's proceeds are donated to organisations that work towards improving the well-being of the environment.


Despite growing up in an environmentally aware household, founder Tessa Carroll chose to pursue a career in the fashion industry, one of the most wasteful industries in the world. A_C is the product of her frustration, unable to enjoy the design process once the reality of its impact was uncovered. Today, she uses her brand A_C Official to prove it is possible to create sustainable and cruelty-free accessories without having to choose between animal skins or petroleum-derived plastic.

“The journey from concept to construction is a considered one, ensuring the production of our accessories is kind to the planet, people and animals.”


A_C Official is committed to working with planet-friendly materials such as Desserto cactus leather and Piñatex pineapple leather. Another material that features in its collections is Sileather, a PU- and PVC-free material made from silicone. A_C Official are also planning to introduce plastic-free plant-based leather Mirum into its ranges.


The brand makes sure that its workers are paid above a 'standard of living' wage, meaning that they are able to save money and spend appropriately on health and education.


All of A_C Official's accessories are made in the vegan-friendly Veshin factory in China. This factory is audited annually, and it is dedicated to eradicating plastics in its production processes. The factory is run using 43% renewable energy – and working towards increasing this. A_C Official does not use any single-use plastics in its shipping, using sea shipping as it is less carbon-intensive than shipping by air. The company operates a recycle and repair program to ensure that their products come with an end-of-life plan. The company also values transparency, following Fashion Revolution's transparency index and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.


The brand's designs are wrapped in recycled tissue paper and shipped in FSC-certified recycled cardboard boxes. No excess packaging is used and all packaging is suited to the product size, to minimise material use.


A_C Official is a vegan brand, working with PETA to partner with activists and spread the message about animal rights in fashion.

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