Passionate about clothing that withstands the test of time whilst leaving no impact on our planet, Altid is the t-shirt brand with a difference. By focusing on responsible sourcing and timeless essentials, the company provides clothing that will outlast fashion trends.

“Why is it so tricky to find a high quality, clean cut t-shirt, that doesn't come at the cost of the planet? This is where the idea of Altid started.”

About the Founders

Altid was founded by fashion industry professionals Josh Carpenter and Matt Stallard, who became exasperated by working for fast-fashion companies who wouldn’t think twice about sourcing in developing countries and airfreighting clothes around the planet. To create cleaner, kinder clothing, they had the idea for a sustainable label – and were later joined by Ant Collias, who became their third co-founder.


Altid works exclusively with organic cotton – never polyester.


Garment workers in the brand's factory in Portugal are paid a national living wage, which is higher than a minimum wage.


The company's designs are manufactured in a family-run factory powered by solar energy.


No plastic is used in Altid's packaging, and the cardboard and paper that the company uses for packaging is FSC-approved. The brand also delivers on bicycles in London to further reduce their carbon footprint.


As the brand focuses heavily on organic cotton, their designs are often vegan by default.

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