Launched in September 2021, Cyssan (an old-English word for “kiss”) is a considered watch brand envisioning and designing timepieces. Cyssan believes that beauty and originality lie in the details, and this is what makes their timepieces unique.

It’s important to the founder that the women who wear a Cyssan watch feel special – this is why they decided to launch a small first collection of just 500 pieces. This also helps them to minimise waste overall. The pieces in the small debut collection all function as embellished accessories: with their distinctive buckle and embellished strap, these watches can be worn in a more unconventional way - on the inside of the wrist. Perfect for women who want to challenge convention.

"Our limited-edition watches are for women who want to be reminded of how powerful they are, how distinctive their style is, and how their uniqueness is an amazing strength."


Joanna Kim, the founder of Cyssan, developed a love for fashion, jewellery and watches while she was living in Italy and Switzerland. However, it was while searching for an affordable watch that combined functionality with the elegance of jewellery, that she realised that most premium watch brands focused primarily on men. With this at the forefront of her mind, and with the creative support of experienced watch designer Min Kim, Joanna began working on a new premium watch label especially for women.


For Cyssan's first collection, their hand-assembled vegan leather straps were made from PVC-free vegan leather, using water-based glue and environmentally friendly dyes.


Cyssan works with suppliers who pay their workers a living wage and provide a safe working environment and ensure that workers are not exposed to harmful chemicals during the manufacturing process.


Cyssan operates a recycling programme where customers can return their watches for recycling.


Cyssan's signature pink outer packaging is made from recycled paper, whilst the inner package is created with EVA foam and printed with the brand's slogan, Be Unconventional. Designed to be re-used, Cyssan's packaging does not contain any animal by-products.


Cyssan uses vegan leather straps as they are keen to avoid harming animals, and due to the environmental impact of animal skins.

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