GURU mtp is a shoe brand created in 2019 in Montpellier, south of France. The brand was born of the desire for fashion as pretty as it is ethical; to push their values forward, so that their taste for fashion is a lever to make techniques and ideas evolve. 

GURU mtp provides shoes with character, designed by footwear professionals, made in Spain and Portugal, with the most ethical and ecological materials available. Shoes that claim “vegan is the new sexy!”.

To get out of the secrecy and opacity cult, GURU mtp specifies for each of their models the names of their suppliers, factories, materials and complete costs details. 

They work with European factories out of respect for the working women and men, and they don’t negotiate the prices excessively. They want their brand to be an experience of respect for each and everyone, and for their unique skills, through a fair remuneration.

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