GURU mtp is a shoe brand created in 2019 in Montpellier, in the south of France. The brand, which has been featured in ELLE, was born of the desire for fashion as aesthetically pleasing as it is ethical.

Founded by two designers with the drive to change some of the fashion industry’s practices to match their beliefs, GURU mtp offers a collection for fast-paced city life, but with an edge of sexiness. Simple, accessible designs with a hint of rock n'roll seduction, this collection is made for a woman who doesn't wish to sacrifice her ethics – or her style.

About the Founders

Shoe designer Fanny Aubignat has a background in trend agencies and prêt-à-porter shoe brands. Her convictions pushed her to believe that a more honest creation is possible – one that doesn’t drive up prices to increase margins, and without the exploitation of animals and humans. She wants the product to be the center of attention.

Gwendoline Lémeret is a graphic designer with experience working for numerous brands in fashion and design. A fervent activist for animal liberation and recycling, she is the brand's communications expert.

“We campaign for the respect of all living beings. We take action so that their place in society and on Earth is better than that of being used as consumer goods, be it for decoration, food or tourism. Reducing their beauty to fashion accessories is insolent.”


The brand prefers local materials from Europe. They also choose bio-sourced textiles that are certified as environmentally friendly. Both founders actively scout for new materials to push forward industry practices. GURU mtp is keen on innovations in biotechnology, always on the lookout for sustainable and vegan alternatives to traditionally made faux leather. They are proud to offer models made with pineapple leather Piñatex, with the aim of supporting sustainable initiatives.


Crafting their designs in European factories, the company keeps price negotiation to a minimum. GURU mtp values and respects artisans and their unique skills, through adequate remuneration.


Each GURU mtp design reveals the names of suppliers and factories, materials used and complete cost details. The brand is big on transparency and wants customers to have the same knowledge they do themselves.


The shoes are packaged in eco-friendly boxes.


GURU mtp is a fully vegan brand.

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