Pala Eyewear puts people and the planet before profits. As a brand driven by purpose, Pala’s mission is to produce high-quality, long-lasting eyewear whilst making a commitment to keep conserving the environment, minimising the negative impact on the planet and maximising positive social impact on people.

Designed for those who acknowledge the need for a better future, appreciate the world we live in and embrace the adventure of exploring it, they have take a unique approach to fashion in creating a range of sustainable sunglasses that give back.

About the Founder

Placing altruism at the heart of his work, founder John Pritchard is the force behind this sunglasses brand with a conscience. Following more than two decades in advertising, including a career as a creative at Microsoft, John conceptualised a brand that would hold greater purpose; one that would address the imbalance he saw in the world.

John has always had a passion for adventure and travel. It was during his travels that he became aware of the problems surrounding the lack of eye care in various some of the countries he had visited in Africa. He launched Pala in 2016, with a mission to give back by enabling better vision for those most in need.

“Our ambition is clear: to create better vision and empowerment for those most in need.”


The sunglasses themselves are crafted from a biodegradable bio-acetate made in Italy by heritage manufacturers Mazzucchelli. Every pair comes with UVA/UVB protection as usual, but now with polarised lenses to reduce glare and an anti-scratch coating for use in activities or near water, making getting outdoors even easier. They come in a case made from recycled plastic waste.


First-tier suppliers for Pala all sign a code of conduct. Championing the stories of the humans who make their products, Pala is also B Corp certified, which tasks them with special attention to their supply chain.

Proceeds from the sale of every pair of are used to support eye-care programmes across Africa with charity partner, Vision Aid Overseas. Over 8,000 people have already benefited from these grants and their ability to earn an income enhanced through receiving a pair of spectacles.


Furthering each product’s unique story, Pala works alongside a Ghanaian-based NGO to support weaving communities from the remote Upper East region of the country to make their protective sunglasses cases. Woven using traditional methods utilising otherwise wasted plastic, the brand helps to provide a trade and an income, strengthening the future of these rural communities. These cases made from recycled plastic waste have already prevented 4.5 tonnes going to landfill.

In 2021 the brand moved to small-batch production to eliminate overproduction and overstock. Pala also has a take-back scheme for our UK customers, meaning that they will take back any old frames from customers and arrange for them to be responsibly recycled through Terracycle.


The sunglasses are packaged in cardboard from responsible sources, then mailed in envelopes made from 100% recycled paper and recyclable with mixed paper.


Pala is a vegan-friendly brand, and making an animal-friendly product is an integral part of their process. All inks used throughout the product chain are vegan.