An all-around vegan accessory powerhouse, Turkish label PREV – a fusion of the words “plant” and “revolution” – was born as a shoe brand, subsequently expanding into bags, scarves, accessories and even vegan leather jackets. Dedicated to meticulous research and innovation, PREV aims to bring their consumers the best in cruelty-free vegan leather fashions.


Elif Taştekne and Osman Koçak have been ethical vegans for years. Elif, a business graduate from Istanbul Technical University and New Paltz University in New York, complemented her education with design studies at UCLA and worked as a social media creator and for a magazine. Osman graduated in Civil Engineering from Istanbul Technical University and gained three years of corporate project management and innovation experience through a prestigious young talent program. After going vegan, Elif discovered alternatives to animal leathers, which was the start of the two entrepreneurs' journey together.

The PREV brand began with just two shoe models, after a year of dedicated research and development. However, within two years, the company's venture flourished to encompass a range of over one hundred projects.

“At PREV, we place animals, our well-being, and the environment at the very core of our initiative. We strive to make an extraordinary, unexpected, and powerful entry into the world of fashion. Our aim is to transform the industry by showcasing the endless possibilities of plant-based alternatives.”


PREV works with vegan leathers, organic cotton, and plant-based silk alternatives such as cupro. The plant-based leathers that the company uses are made from apples, olives, and tea waste.


Production takes place in Italy and Turkey. The brand takes care to minimise waste and avoid materials being thrown away or burned. The founders meet regularly with the suppliers to discuss limiting waste, and even the smallest vegan leather cut-offs are turned into new products. Quality craftsmanship is preferred by the brand, to ensure durability.


PREV highly values diversity, employing a mix of young minds and experienced hands, alongside a LGBTQIA+ workforce. Due to the disadvantages faced by female employees in Turkey, the brand also ensures that it employs women at over 60% of its company structure. All PREV workers are paid a living wage.


PREV's packaging is plastic-free and made with recyclable organic cotton.


PREV is a 100% vegan brand.

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