Ration.L is a vegan, gender-neutral shoe brand focusing on natural, eco-friendly vegan materials. The label's core values include longevity, designing with intent, favouring materials that tread lightly on the planet, and creating products that encourage a happier lifestyle. The brand's versatile, contemporary designs have been featured in VOGUE and the Observer.


At just 38 years old, having always been a healthy person and enjoying a successful, career-orientated life, Kavita Basi collapsed with a seizure and her whole world fell apart. She spent two months in hospital and underwent four intense brain surgeries. Faced with the challenge of having to re-learn many cognitive and physical skills, she relied on her positive spirit, family and friends to help.

Her interest in sustainability, combined with wanting to live better due to her life-changing experience, led to the creation of Ration.L. Kavita now also works closely with charities built around helping those with neurological conditions as well as their family and friends.

'As a company we are focused on design, development and manufacturing products in a better way. To be more ethical in the process, we also understand the need to be vegan and its effect on the surrounding environment for our earth, animals and humans. Therefore being a vegan brand makes us proud that we are taking ethical steps to provide a better solution for everyday products.'


Ration.L uses solvent-free vegan leather, organic cotton, rubber, and recycled aluminium to make their sleek and sophisticated vegan designs.


Ration.L products are manufactured in Vietnam.


Ration.L works with suppliers that are members of the Business Social Compliance Initiative, and suppliers provide the brand with their ethical and social initiatives.


All boxes and paper used in Ration.L packaging are recycled.


Ration.L is certified by the Vegan Society, who thoroughly check the components and make sure every part of the shoe is animal-free.

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You can read more about the problem with animal leather and sustainable vegan leather alternatives on our blog.

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