Dear Immaculate Community,

In these unprecedented times, the safety and health of our team is paramount. So following government advice, we are now all working safely from home.  

Immaculate Vegan is a community of independent brands and we are committed to our goal of helping them succeed and to be discovered by a new audience of shoppers looking for brands with a conscience. 

With physical stores being forced to temporarily close, and high street footfall halted, online sales are the only lifeline for small independent brands  – so we hugely appreciate all the support you have shown us and our brands.

We wanted to let you know that online orders are still being sent worldwide, and that we and our community of brands are very much open for business!

Though we always aim to have orders dispatched same day, please be aware that orders may take slightly longer to ship, due to disruptions. So do please factor in extra days to receive your order. With regards to returns, we will of course allow for more time.

We have already seen a recent surge in demand as a result of this, we want to thank you all for being part of our mission for change. 

We really believe that when this crisis passes (which it will) there will be increased awareness of, and demand for, sustainable products that take the welfare of people, animals and the planet seriously – and that our society will question, more than ever, and move away from practices that have caused us and our environment real harm.

Let’s together make sure we use this situation to move with momentum to a better, fairer and more sustainable future.

Stay safe and thanks again from all of us at Immaculate Vegan.

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