Annick Ireland (centre) is Immaculate Vegan’s Founding Director, responsible for marketing, content, category development and brand acquisition. Her background is in marketing and branding, having held senior roles within a number of large media organisations. She also works as a marketing and business strategy consultant.

She became vegan after adopting a greyhound from the Retired Greyhound Trust, and making the link between the pets we love and all animals. Moving to animal-free fashion and beauty involved a lot of research and time spent on Instagram, hunting out brands making high quality, beautiful but also vegan products. Immaculate Vegan was born from a desire to help conscious consumers of every kind easily find vegan things they love, so they can make better choices every day.

Simon Bell (right) is Immaculate Vegan’s Co-Director and, as the founding owner of an eCommerce agency (Diligent Commerce), he is responsible for website development and business operations. His background is in marketing and digital, having held senior roles at Unilever, BBC, Hearst Magazines and Ogilvy.

He became vegan a few years ago after moving to the country. His kitchen overlooks a field and cows come right up to his kitchen windows, so the idea of eating them made him feel a bit uneasy! Then he watched the film Cowspiracy, which blew him away. Being part of the Immaculate Vegan team allows him to focus on marketing something good, and to demonstrate that you don’t have to give something up to do good.

Vai Mas (left) is Immaculate Vegan’s eCommerce Manager, responsible for the products and content on the website, onboarding new brands, and ongoing brand relationships. After working in the specialty coffee industry for over 5 years she became aware of pitfalls of consumer value chains. To better understand forces behind it she went on to study economic and social policy, with a focus on behavioural economics.

She became vegetarian back in her teen years. Unfortunately, within about two years due to increased dairy in her diet, she developed severe eczema. After moving to London and switching to a vegan diet she noticed that her skin started healing rapidly which – powered by natural skincare – became healthy again and in better condition than before. Being part of Immaculate Vegan has given her a platform to combine her passions and values.

Photography by Alessia Chinazzo