Shoes made from hemp? This is indeed possible with conscious vegan footwear brand 8000Kicks, founded in Portugal. Since launching, the label has also moved on to creating accessories such as bags – all made from hemp. The label's innovative work with hemp has been featured in Complex, New York Post, GQ, Bloomberg, Hypebeast and many more. The brand does good beyond just material choice – during the COVID-19 pandemic, they donated over 10,000 masks to police officers, firefighters and other people on the front lines. In 2020 they also donated 30 pairs to City Rescue Mission, an organisation which provides food and clothing for homeless people.


Bernardo Carreira wanted to start a new project, but he wasn't sure what it would be. One night, after a beer and a joint with his friends, the conversation turned to the possibility of creating shoes for smoking – this five-o'clock-in-the-morning idea turned into something bigger for Bernardo. Looking into the procedures of making ethically produced shoes, his choice fell on hemp. His grandmother Otilia, who had a lifetime's experience with working in textiles, helped him on his journey towards creating the world's first waterproof hemp shoe.

“We continuously monitor our partners to guarantee nothing but the best quality.”


8000Kicks' designs are made from industrial hemp – a sativa branch, known as the sober cousin of marijuana. Industrial hemp has been used since 8000 BC, and its properties include being anti-bacterial, as well as needing no fertilisers and almost no water to grow. Hemp cleans and restores the nutrients in the soil, and the resulting textile is very durable.

The company also incorporates cork, recycled materials and algae into its production.


8000Kicks regularly inspects their facilities to ensure that ethical conditions are provided and standards are enforced. The company also has representatives in its production countries to facilitate contact and guarantee that standards are met. All workers are paid a living wage. 


From the beginning, 8000Kicks has had a partnership with their fourth-generation family-owned factory in Portugal. Today, they also work with a facility in China that has a long experience of working with hemp.


Using recycled cardboard and biodegradable corn in its packaging, 8000Kicks takes the extra step to be sure that its impact on the environment is minimised.


8000Kicks is a 100% vegan brand.

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