This brand manufactures in the EU. As a result of EU/UK free trade agreements, there are no import duties on delivery to the UK or to any EU country. US customers do not pay any import duties on orders below $800.

The backpack of the future: French brand Arsayo creates eco-friendly, functional vegan handbags for contemporary living. The secure closure of the bag is a unique innovation, allowing wearers to feel confident while wearing these stylish yet high-performing accessories. Mindful of protecting animal welfare, the brand also donates to animal charities.


Brothers Ary and Jonathan Ohayon launched Arsayo with their father, Michel, who has been working in leather goods for over 30 years. It was Michel who created the patented closure system of Arsayo backpacks, which has been awarded by the French Ministry of Interiors. Michel's sons are both active in the animal rights movement: Jonathan, who lives in Los Angeles, founded vegan fashion museum F.A.K.E, and Ary has started an animal sanctuary outside Paris.

“Arsayo is a family story and a brand that offers products which respect animals, the environment, and human labour, while embodying family values.”


Arsayo uses apple leather for their backpacks, alongside hemp, organic cork, polyurethane and GOTS-certified organic cotton.


The brand's manufacturing takes place in Portugal, Poland and China. The founders personally visit the facilities to ensure ethical working conditions.


Arsayo ensure all local labour laws are followed during their entire supply chain.


The brand uses paper or soft-plastic packaging.


Arsayo is a fully vegan brand, approved by PETA.

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