Vegan brand Bahé offer a range of shoes created using plant-based and recycled materials. As well as lowering your impact on the planet, Bahé help you to reconnect with the earth via their unique ground flow system meaning you can be grounded / earthed without having to go barefoot.


Alex Ward and Kishan Bharwad blended their passions for running and functional, sustainable design to create a brand of high-performance sneakers that's kinder on the environment. Alex has a background in shoe design and Kishan is a keen runner – they both share a passion for the outdoors and exercising outside, which laid the groundwork for Bahé's back-to-nature ethos.

“Beyond just the product design, our vision is to create products that help people reconnect with nature for the good of the body and mind.”


Bahé's outsoles are made from natural rubber, midsoles incorporate sugarcane, and footbeds are made from 72% corn, while the upper and lining are made from recycled polyester. The shoelaces used by the brand are made from organic cotton. 


The founders have worked with their manufacturer in China for a decade, and have an ongoing dialogue to develop and maintain sustainable practices. The company plants a tree for each pair of shoes sold.


All workers in Bahé's supply chain are paid a living wage, and the brand takes care to ensure that workers are treated with respect, work in safe and healthy conditions, and aren't subjected to discrimination or harassment.


The shoes are shipped in a FSC-certified recycled box and compostable bag.


Bahé is a vegan brand.

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