BeFlamboyant make unisex sneakers based on a few very simple principles: they are vegan, sustainable, comfortable, and economical. They are made in the city of Felgueiras in Portugal by experienced artisans, working under fair labour conditions and following high manufacturing standards. 

BeFlamboyant feel a strong commitment to be another voice for change in the fashion industry. The upper and lining of each shoe is made of high-quality OEKO TEX and V LABEL certified microfibres. The inner lining is produced with zero CO2 emissions, and is free from chromium VI, a commonly-used chemical in the footwear industry that is considered a carcinogen and can be harmful to the skin. It's also 100% breathable, anti-allergenic, antimicrobial and regulates temperature. The shoe laces are 100% cotton, and phthalates-free (a chemical found in many clothing items). The sole is made of thermoplastic rubber, a 100% recyclable material.

BeFlamboyant are committed to actively fight deforestation, and will plant a tree for each pair of shoes sold to reforest areas destroyed by the wildfires in California.

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