Inspired by innovation, Betterleather Collective delivers timeless, exquisitely made accessories made with plant leathers.

Betterleather Collective focuses on the finest in plant-based leathers, using AppleSkin, which is made from leftover apple waste from juicing; Piñatex, made from pineapple leaf fibres and containing 80% plant content; and Mirum, a plastic-free, 100% plant-based vegan leather.
"We aim to connect shoppers who value timeless design and a unique story with exceptionally crafted, plant-based leather accessories."  

Betterleather Collective produces in Italy, and intends to work towards becoming a net-zero brand. Plans to initiate their own manufacturing are also underway.

All employees in the supply chain are paid a living wage. The company's manufacturing partners are carefully vetted to ensure ethical processes.

Betterleather Collective uses recyclable cardboard, a recyclable card insert, and organic cotton dust bags. Elevating the packaging and evaluating reusable components is in the brand's future plans.

Betterleather Collective is a 100% vegan label

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