Making clothes that last, UK-based ethical brand BIBICO offers a range of compassionately produced apparel in sustainable fabrics. This slow-fashion brand prioritises natural fabrics and fair-trade processes to create a collection of classic, timeless designs that you will want to wear again and again. 


Nieves Ruiz Ramos (known as Snow, as Nieves means snow in Spanish), got her fashion degree in France and then worked for Zara in Spain. Eager to learn about the industry, she progressed her career with big brands. When working for a company in London, Snow saw that producing a collection from sketch to final product took just one week – a signifier of the fast-paced throwaway culture that had come to permeate fashion. So Snow decided to start BIBICO with her husband, Tim, to inspire a slower mindset.

“I find it very exciting to have the opportunity to dress women in a way that preserves our beautiful planet, and respects but also empowers the people making our clothes.”


BIBICO works with gentle, natural materials such as organic cotton, hemp and Tencel (which is made from wood-pulp cellulose). The brand is entirely PVC-free.


The brand manufactures its products in India and Bulgaria. Their main supplier uses solar power, use freight by road and sea when possible, and attempt to source materials from the country of production. The brand donates to charity and works with fair-trade groups that empowers women from disadvantaged backgrounds.


BIBICO visit their factories twice every year and conduct independent audits to ensure ethical conditions. They also work with fair-trade organisations where possible. All employees are paid a living wage.


The company uses recycled paper in its packaging. The clothing is put in low-density plastic, which is easy to recycle, but the brand is looking into alternatives. 


BIBICO offers a vast range of vegan-friendly products, which we have carefully selected for Immaculate Vegan.

To discover more like this, visit our women's ethical & sustainable clothing collection. 

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