Founded by three brothers, Bird Eyewear is focused on making better eyewear for a better world. Every pair of Bird sunglasses gives back through the company's Share Your Sun partnership with SolarAid, which helps to distribute solar-light energy to families in Zambia and Malawi, replacing the use of fossil fuel-burning lamps. To date, the company reached 11,200   with clean, safe, renewable light, helping change lives for the better.

This brand, which is the UK's first B Corp-certified eyewear company, has been covered in publications including Forbes, The Guardian, The Times, Stylist and Harper's Bazaar. In 2019, their Blackcap frame won Frame of the Year at the Optician Awards, and the brand won the Common Objective Leadership Award in 2022.


Co-founders and brothers Ed, Lawrence and Paul Bird come from a creative family with skills in designing and coming up with new ideas – and for their entire lives, the brothers have searched for ways to turn that creativity into a business. Bird Eyewear was born when the three brothers decided that the world they grew up in was not changing for the better. 

 “For us it’s about reframing what really matters - people and planet. We seek to create exceptional designs and focus obsessively on quality alongside sustainability.”

It started with a pair of cheap sunglasses that broke, followed by a second pair with the same fate. A waste multiplied by millions of people each year creating a huge ecological impact. Realising that there had to be a better way, the brothers set the goal to be part of a solution against destructive fast fashion, to make the world better for the next generation and to uplift others along the way. 


A key aspect of Bird's processes is understanding where raw material is sourced and the supply chain that supports it. Bird's materials include FSC-certified woods, bamboo, bio-based acetate, renewable cork and recycled aluminium. When the right materials cannot be found, the company innovates by creating their own, such as using castor seeds to make their children’s range. All of Bird's suppliers meet the highest standards of manufacturing, including ISO9001 certifications, FDA and CE compliance. Bird's cleaning cloths are made from recycled plastic bottles.


Bird embraces diversity and is dedicated to uplifting their team. They stand firmly against modern slavery, true to their goal to make better eyewear for a better world.

By working closely with their assembly teams and supply chain, Bird aims to ensure minimum impact on the environment, and maximum support for their workers. Through third-party verifications, the brand is able to ensure that their production is free from modern slavery, child labour and forced labour of any kind. The brand also champions freedom of association and fair, equal pay.


Every step of the way, Bird considers their environmental impact. One of their partners, located in Norway, was chosen due to their large use of  wind energy to power their factory, which brings down the carbon footprint of manufacturing. 

Bird are also planning a closed-loop innovation project in Devon, were they will incorporate local waste to develop new designs, while creating their own Bird forest with the purpose of carbon capture. They plan to plant over 10,000 trees in the next two years.

Each design made by Bird is built to last and the entire lifecycle is considered: their wooden and bamboo frames can be composted, and the laminated and aluminium frames can be separated to allow the aluminium layers to be recycled. Where possible, the brand re-uses elements of frames, working with a local frame repair company. Customers can take part in the brand's recycling programme by sending their old frames back to the brand, earning a 40% discount on their next pair of Birds.


The company's packaging is both recyclable and biodegradable. Their mailer bags are made from water-soluble EcoWrap, made in collaboration with UK manufacturer Aquapak – this material is entirely plastic-free. Bird's cardboard is sustainably sourced, carbon neutral and fully recyclable, as certified by Enviro.


None of the company's materials are derived from animals or exploit animals in any form - all  designs are vegan and free from animal cruelty. Even the brand's dyes are plant-based.

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